Congratulations to our three submissions! Each has a 50/50 chance of winning dinner at Bonefish Grill PLUS four tickets to see the Tri-City Americans play on pink ice (to benefit breast cancer awareness) Feb. 3. Everyone else: are you going to let a prize like that go without a fight? All you have to do to enter is film someone swinging a shirt over their head (yes, they can keep their own shirt on), load it to Youtube and share with us the link. There are only a few days left to enter. Get in on the fun or we'll pick a winner by flipping a coin.

  • 1

    Shane Kelly

    This is PERFECT! This is what we're looking for! There are only a few days left to send us something like this to be entered to win.

  • 2

    Jake Gier

    If you stick in your monocle and look really closely, you see teeny-weeny people on the FAR SIDE of the rink doing the Cotton Eye Joe dance. That means, technically, this is a valid submission. However, we'd prefer someone doing the dance be front and center. Good thinking taking this at an Ams game, but since Feb. 3 is the next home game, you're going to have to do this on your own turf to submit on time.

  • 3

    Andrew Kirk

    This is not a valid submission, this is me. This is ideally what we're looking for. Have fun and be silly! Don't worry about looking stupid, I set that bar really, really high.

  • 4

    Girls Dancing In Bikinis

    No one is swinging a shirt here, so this would not be a valid submission, but it is women dancing to the Cotton Eye Joe song in bikinis. You've read this far so I wanted to reward you.

  • 5

    Drettwan Family

    These kids totally rock! Nice job guys! You're my favorite.