It seemed like some weird news in the first place.Last week, Andrew W.K. released details about he himself traveling to Behrain as the United States’ Culture Ambassador to the Middle East. Today, reports have begun being released saying that the 'Party Hard' rocker would in fact not be traveling to Behrain as W.K. had first believed and has been un-invited.

According to the DCist, a spokesperson for the State Department made this statement:

W.K. was also never designated a “cultural ambassador,” though embassies around the world routinely invite artistic and cultural figures to make appearances. But such events are subject to oversight, and W.K.’s offer of showing the Persian Gulf island nation the “power of positive partying,” did not pass muster. The embassy determined that was probably not a best choice and didn’t meet our standards

Andrew sent out this tweet earlier today talking about his canceled trip:

Andrew W.K. Tweet

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