AC/DC's latest release Power Up is the band's 17th studio album. They've been around for about four-and-a-half decades now, and out of their entire discography, Angus Young believes 1977's Let There Be Rock is the record that truly defines them.

"Let There Be Rock, for me, is the album," Young declared in an interview with Swiss publication SRF 3. "And the reason why I like Let There Be Rock is because my brother George [Young] — who was producing it — when he said to us in the beginning when we were making that record, he had me and Malcolm [Young] and he was sitting with us and said, 'What sort of album do you wanna do this time?'"

Malcolm Young, in turn, replied to their brother, "We just want an album that's just gonna be pure hard rock guitar."

"And I thought it was great because everyone else in the world was into whole other genres. There was punk music, there was new wave, there was all this other stuff that was coming out," Angus Young remembered. "And I just thought, 'This is pure magic.' That album defined AC/DC in my eyes. That's when I went, 'This is a great band.'"

Watch the full interview below.

Let There Be Rock was AC/DC's third international release, and their fourth in Australia. It was their last studio effort to feature Mark Evans on the bass before they hired Cliff Williams.

SRF 3 Interview With AC/DC's Angus Young

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