Kennewick Police were on the scene last night at The Village Tavern in Kennewick after reports of a man pulling a gun and pointing it at a customer in the establishment...

The incident occurred around midnight Sunday several patrons jumped into action subduing the man and no shots were fired. You may remember the Village was the site of a shooting that left a man paralyzed in November of 2014.

According to the Kennewick Police Facebook Post here's a run down of the incident:

GUN ASSAULT– Officers responded to the Village Tavern just after midnight when a 65 year old male pulled out a pistol and pointed it at another patron. The involved did not previously know each other and nothing had occurred to warrant a firearm being displayed. The suspect was subdued by others in the tavern and the gun safely removed with no shots being fired. The suspect was not legally in possession of the firearm. He has been booked for Felony Assault and his pistol seized.