I lived on Greek Row but it was a non-greek house, but it was also party central. I lived there for almost a year, so I had LOTS of experiences with greek row and living on greek row, but not being a part of the greek system.

If you're going to college, there are going to be two kinds of people: those who like the greek system and those that don't.

Just because I wasn't in the greek system doesn't mean I think it's horrible. There's a lot of good stuff that happens.

But generally, they tend to be the annoying popular kids in high school. In fact, it seems to me, the greek system is a lot like high school.

So that leads to my theory. Those that like greeks liked high school. If you didn't like high school, you won't like greeks.

Everything is very cliquey and based on how popular you are and what other people think of you. I obviously think it's a bad thing, but I didn't like high school.

I had to move out and I instantly got better grades.