It was May 29, 1993. The crop circle was 60 feet across in a Kennewick wheat field. It was not the first time. Another had been reported in the local newspaper back in 1945 but details were sketchy. Moses Lake farmers Mr. and Mrs. Hawkes had reported similar happenings to police in 1964.

More recently there was a huge crop circle in a wheat field in Eltopia and Walla Walla farmers in Cottonwood Canyon awoke on the Fourth of July to find one on their land straddling the Washington-Oregon border. The ground underneath was baked like concrete.

Most local events were documented by W.C. Levengood of the Independent Crop Circle Researcher's Association. Levengood is a consultant with the group.

At least one expert believes the Kennewick crop circle was documenting the migration of magnetic north. In contrast to polar north, magnetic north can move around, and it was moving south at a quick rate in 1993. The crop circle was likely documenting the shift with the "arm" pointing north and spanning the rate of change. The circle in the middle represents the Earth's core while the ring is the mantle.