I have a theory and that theory is you're either a pancake person or a waffle person. Some people like them both, granted, yes, I understand that. But if you really dig, you'll find everyone either sides with either pancakes or waffles. I'm a pancake person.

Honestly, I don't know why. If I was going to attribute it to anything, it's because my dad made waffles A LOT when I was a kid. Not only did he make them a lot, but they weren't super great. He cooked them too much so they were always crunchy. Maybe that's why I like pancakes. They're fluffy, not crunchy.

Also, pancakes tend to not get as soggy as waffles, and that's because the holes in the waffle allows the syrup to sink in. With pancakes, it runs off the top.

There is a time and a place for a great waffle. I'll be the first person to say that. And it usually involves strawberries and whipped cream. But I enjoy waffles far and few between.

If I'm going to make myself a delicious breakfast, it's almost guaranteed pancakes are going to be involved... and bacon.

My wife is completely a waffle person. We even own two different waffle irons. A French one, and a kid one (we can make circus-shaped waffles). She didn't even like pancakes before she met me. I've never really dug to find out why she likes them -- it's probably the crunch.

By the way, my dad also spoiled tater-tot casserole and chicken pot pie. I can't eat those today because my dad made them too much when I was a kid.