Yes, Yakima Washington Once Had Its Own Soda Can

How did I miss this? Yakima once had its own soda?

Cola and Ice

Here's The Story Behind Yakima Sunshine, That Soda That Could've Been

As a kid growing up in the Yakima Valley, I'm sure this would've been awesome to see on the shelves of the grocery stores in the 80s.

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My friend Angie posted photos of the long-forgotten Yakima soda and I had to get the story on its creation.

Glass of soda

Finding A Can Of Yakima Sunshine Is Rarity But Still Can Be Found In The Wild

I soon discovered that all is not what it seems when it comes to Yakima Sunshine soda

credit: angie larrabee
credit: angie larrabee

It's a good day to be writing about Yakima Sunshine since it's April 1st and normally a day set aside for pranks but the story of Yakima Sunshine goes beyond a prank

credit: angie larrabee
credit: angie larrabee

Yakima Sunshine was an actual item that was used to promote Yakima and its abundance of sunshine.

credit: angie larrabee
credit: angie larrabee

According to Angie, cans of Yakima Sunshine were distributed by the Sundusters group.

Sundusters were a promotional group that was part of the Greater Yakima Chamber Of Commerce.

What is exactly in a can of Yakima Sunshine?

Sunshine of course!

It was actually an empty can so sadly no soda but what a great novelty item to have in your collection.

I believe the cans were manufactured by the local Pepsi bottling company and were passed out as promotional items.

If there really was soda in the can, I wonder what flavor it would've been?

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