If you are an AT&T customer in Tri-Cities with an LTE enabled smart phone, you will start to notice your internet browsing going much faster than it used to.

I got a text message today from a friend asking, "We have LTE"? After a quick look at the corner of my Nokia Lumia 920, I noticed that my service bars were in fact nestled next to the beautiful three letter acronym for Long Term Evolution. LTE in the TC. Dope!

After about a half an hour, my service switched back to 4G, then shortly returned back to LTE. It has done this a couple of times and according to an associate at the AT&T store in Columbia Center Mall, that is normal since the upgraded service just began rolling out today.

I have always connected to WiFi when browsing on my phone, mostly because I do not have an unlimited data plan, but also because of the speed difference. Now with LTE you will be able to download, upload, and game at speeds like never before...still not as fast as most WiFi connections that you will come across, but the differences between the services are night and day.