I've been back in the Tri-Cities for about 50 hours now, but am still yet to fully recover from the crazy weekend that was Pain in the Grass at the Gorge.

On Friday, September 6 and Saturday, September 7 the annual Pain in the Grass concert was brought to the Gorge Amphitheater for the first time ever. Thousands of rockers were headbanging to performances from Baroness, Heaven's Basement, Airbourne, Middle Class Rut, Beware of Darkness, Coheed and Cambria, Him, All That Remains, Volbeat, Jane's Addiction, Avenged Sevenfold, Alice and Chains and a dozen or so other acts.

Sadly, I missed Heaven's Basement on Friday afternoon. That was my biggest disappointment of the weekend. We watched Baroness on the second stage before heading to the main stage. We caught the last of the bad asses out of Australia named Airbourne, wrecked the pit with All That Remains, nearly fell asleep to Him, got re-energized by Volbeat's radness, and were then finished off by Avenged Sevenfold. Epic.

Day one kicked my can. My everything was sore on Saturday. I ended up catching Beware of Darkness and Middle Class Rut Saturday afternoon on the side stages before spending some time on the grass hill basking in the glorious Gorge sunset while Coheed and Cambria blew people's minds. We headed down to the floor to get closer for Jane's and AIC, but none of us really felt like fighting or pushing for any kind of close to the stage position. I will say this: Anyone questioning whether or not William DuVall can fill Layne Staley's shoes needs to see them live...or you can watch the video below too, it just doesn't have the same satisfaction.

I wasn't able to catch video of EVERY band but I was able to capture about 20 minutes of footage showing a number of the band's performances. Enjoy!

Video Playlist

(Change the YouTube quality settings to 720p)
- Take My Bones Away, March to the Sea
All That Remains - Some of the People All of the Time
Him - Wicked Game
Volbeat - Hallelujah Goat, 16 Dollars (quick), Heaven Nor Hell, The Hangman's Body Count, Still Counting
Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd of Fire, Critical Acclaim, Hail to the King, Buried Alive, Chapter Four
Beware of Darkness - Howl
Jane's Addiction - Mountain Song, Been Caught Stealing, Jane Says
Alice in Chains - Hollow, Again, Stone, Sea of Sorrow, Man in the Box, Rooster