One animal interviewed after the accident was completely bent out of sheep.

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X @fairburn_karl
X @fairburn_karl

WSDOT Truck Hauling Sheep Rear-Ended on I-90

The Washington State Patrol had to deal with a truck full of baa-dly scared sheep after the WSDOT truck they were riding in was rear-ended. The incident happened on I-90 near State Route 18 just after 5 pm last Wednesday. The IRT WSDOT truck was carrying multiple sheep when a distracted driver ran into the baa-ck and startled both the sheep and the WSDOT driver.

X @wspd2pio
X @wspd2pio

What Do Sheep Dream Of? - Humans Jumping...or Crashing Cars Into Them

After surviving the accident, one sheep said in an interview "I hope he ends up behind baa-rs for a long time!" The Washington State Patrol says that no humans or sheep were injured in the collision. With only minimal damage to the WSDOT vehicle, the sheep's wishes to lock up the driver responsible are less thaa-n likely. After the accident, followers of the Washington State Patrol had a ball with creative comments.

"BREAKING: Suspect took off on foot, now he's on the lamb."

"A-sheep at the wheel? "

"I hope that ewe lambasted the sheepish driver for ramming that truck so baaaadly."

"He was a baaaaaa-d driver."

"Boy that could have be baaaaaaaaddd lol"

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