A shocking story from a Walla Walla Chase bank, alleges a bank teller skimmed money from deposits put in the night drop and the victim was her FRIEND!

Ingram Publishing

The Victim is Hot Mama’s Espresso, 1447 W. Pine St. and the Co Owner is Jennifer Mayberry who's so called friend Seanna Rae Antle, 30, of Walla Walla  was skimmimg money from the coffee shop's deposits. Mayberry says she wasn't paying close attention to the deposits because Antle was her friend and she trusted her!

Antle allegedly would change the deposit slip showing less money then pockets the difference. Bank officials believe $42,828.96 was stolen from Hot Mama's but the number could be higher.

Antle was arrested on Monday and charged with felony theft and has since been released from jail after posting $5,000 bail.