Meet Baz, 21-year-old  SuicideGirl from Quebec who is into academics and lives for a day off so she can have more free time.

Name: Baz

Age: 21

Location: Quebec, Canada

Into: Politics, economy, finances, architecture, arts, science

Not into: antisemitism, racism, injustice, selfishness, lack of manners, lack of principles, lack of values, lack of personal hygiene

Makes me happy: A day off

Makes me sad: When a puppy dies in a movie

Hobbies: I don’t have free time

Five things I can’t live without: if your life depends on 5 material objects, might as well kill yourself

I spend most of my free time: wishing I had more free time


Favorite bands:

  1. Muse
  2. The Noisettes
  3. Futureheads
  4. Negative Review
  5. The Cure
  6. Queen
  7. Tegan and Sara
  8. The Dead Weathers
  9. The Smiths
  10. Bayside

Favorite films:

  1. ‘Hard Candy’
  2. ‘Pulp Fiction’
  3. ‘Reservoir Dogs’
  4. ‘Clockwork Orange’
  5. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’
  6. ‘Bothersome Man’
  7. ‘Taxi Driver’
  8. ‘The Tin Drum’
  9. ‘Time Crimes’
  10. ’99F’

Favorite video games:

  1. Any Pokemon game
  2. Anything on the Game Boy
  3. Final Fantasy 10-2
  4. Fable 1
  5. Fable 2
  6. Fable 3 sucks
  7. Zelda the Ocarina of Time
  8. Lost Odyssey
  9. Oblivion

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