Our neck of the woods will be aggressively hot over the next couple of days, and if blowing the froth off a few barley pops is your desire, but the thought of warm beer is a real deal breaker, well now, thanks to science, here's how to get chilled beer in under ten minutes for the rest of your life:

From Popular Science:

1. Fill a container (something insulated like a cooler is best) with ice, water and lots of salt. Lots and lots and lots of salt (the salt is the secret.) Make sure to add enough water to surround the drinks. then add lots and lots and lots of salt. Then add the ice.

2. Submerge your cans and/or bottles as much as possible. Make sure that they aren't packed too tightly --you want the salty, ice water to flow around each container. If you've put the drinks in a container with a top, close the top.

3. Wait. This should take only about 5 minutes.

4. That's It! Enjoy your chilled beer!

The reason the salt works so well?

Plain water freezes at 32-degrees Fahrenheit. But salt water can be much colder that that and still remain a liquid. This chemistry phenomenon is called "freezing point depression" and it happens because dissolving salt in water lowers the liquid's freezing point. Table salt breaks down into sodium and chloride ions. Those ions physically interfere with water molecules' ability to form ice crystals. This means the solution gives you salty ice water that can get much colder than regular water. It won't freeze, and the salty ice water pulls heat from the submerged beer bottles and cans faster. Presto! Chilled beer, faster, forever!



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