Beginning today, Monday August 26, 2019, there are some updates to Ben Franklin Transit bus routes in Pasco:

**A route number change, increased frequency, and later hours for service to East Pasco

**Streamlining to Route 66

**Making Route 68, a weekday only route initiated last August on a demonstration (test) basis, permanent, with some adjustments for streamlined routing between 22nd Avenue Transit Center and CBC, and connections to Chiawana and other schools.

From Ben Franklin Transit:

Route 65 - Tierra Vida

  • Route 65 has combined with the previous Demonstration Route 63D to serve East Pasco, from 22nd Avenue Transit Center to Tierra Vida. Route 65 follows a similar route to Route 63D but is modified to serve all the main locations from both of those routes. Route 65 will now benefit from 30-minute frequency and will run until 10 p.m. (the last trip will leave 22nd Avenue Transit Center at 9:00 p.m.). To clarify, Route 63D will no longer operate, so 63D riders would now ride Route 65.
    • Serves: East Pasco locations including Ochoa Middle School, Robinson Elementary, Emerson Elementary, St. Patrick’s School, Longfellow Elementary, Whittier Elementary, Edgar Brown Stadium, and the Pasco Library.
Courtesy BFT

Route 66 - Sylvester

  • Route 66 has been modified to serve Sylvester Street west of 22nd Avenue Transit Center, Court Street west of Road 68, and all of Road 84. The buses will run hourly, taking riders from 22nd Avenue to West Pasco. Route 66 will no longer serve Road 48, so there will be no direct bus service along Road 48. These changes allow Routes 66 and 67 to serve one section of Pasco, while allowing Route 68 to continue serving Argent Street and Columbia Basin College.
    • Serves: Chess Elementary, Mark Twain Elementary, Livingston Elementary, Angelou Elementary, Stevens Middle School, Mcloughlin Middle School, Chiawana High School, Delta High School, and Tri-City Prep.
BFT -66

Route 68 - Argent

  • Route 68 is a weekday route that travels straight down Argent before turning onto Road 100, then Chapel Hill, and Road 84, and then returns the same way. Route 68 frequency will increase to 30 minutes and will now take riders directly to Columbia Basin College from 22nd Avenue Transit Center without any stops in between.
    • Serves: Frost Elementary, Livingston Elementary, Stevens Middle School, Tri-City Prep, New Horizons High School, Chiawana High School, and Columbia Basin College.

Route 64 - "A Street" & Route 67 - Sandifur

  • Routes 64 & 67 have not had any changes and will remain on the regular routes and schedules.