If you are a fan of pizza, have you tried all 5 of these amazing but hidden spots in Tri-Cities?

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Finding Great Pizza in Tri-Cities, Washington

I have lived in the Tri-Cities, Washington area for almost 20 years now, and believe it or not it is home to some pretty great pizza spots. The word pizza can mean many different things to many different people. I have friends from the East Coast who won't eat anything but authentic deep-dish Chicago-style pizza or others who prefer the fold-in-half crazy thin New York style pies. For New York style, I used to love eating at New York Richies in Kennewick even though it is long gone now. Besides Chicago deep dish (not any I could find anyway), almost any other type or style of pizza you prefer can be found at different "Ma & Pa" spots if you know where to look. People who have lived here a long time will almost always say Hubby's, but I personally prefer these next five hidden gems that you might not have ever tried. If you are wondering, I saved my personal favorite spot for pizza last on the list.

5 Hidden Pizza Gems in Tri-Cities, Washington

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