The weather is getting nicer and nicer in the Tri-Cities and it's getting that time were avid hikers will be looking for new trails to discover. I'm new to hiking as I lost about 25 pounds over the holidays and I'm loving walking these days. I need to find some new trails to explore outside of Badger Mountain and Candy Mountain so I've compiled a list of hiking trails for us to explore together.

Here are some hiking trails for you to check out near and around the Tri-Cities and hopefully you'll discover a few that you might not have heard of or seen before.

Best Hike Trails In The Tri-Cities Area

I've been walking around my neighborhood a lot but have been looking into places to hike and explore. I've done Badger, Candy, and Wallula Gap but a few of these I still need to check out.

If you want directions to any of these trails and locations - click here for more details and happy hiking!

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