If you donate clothing and toys to St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill, much of it will be sold. That supports employment and funds important programs, but sometimes you want to directly donate clothing and toys to needy families in Tri-Cities. Here are a list of places that will help you do that:

  • 1

    Union Gospel Mission's Women & Children Services

    The current shelter is at 112 N. 2nd Ave. in Pasco and serves mostly men. The mission is gearing up to build a women and children's shelter soon and is already offering local services.

    Call before to make sure they accept used items.

  • 2

    Safe Harbor Support Center

    Formerly Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery, Located at 1111 Grant Place in Kennewick, the center also managers "My Friend's Place" teen sheter. This is the Tri-Cities' "domestic violence shelter."

    Call before to make sure they accept used items.

  • 3

    Elementary schools in low income areas

    Elementary schools maintain a box (usually in the nurse's office) where they keep clothes and other items to give kids who are lacking. In Richland, for example, Jefferson and Jason Lee elementary schools accept donations. Call before to make sure they accept used items.

  • 4

    Community Services

    Next to Riverview Church on Sylvester and Rd. 36

  • 5

    Food Banks

    5825 Burlington Street in Pasco is the main 2nd Harvest location, but there's also a food bank on Wellsian Way in Richland. If you donate items to a food bank, they set them out for patrons to take what they need.

  • 6

    Domestic Violence Services of Benton & Franklin Counties

    Located at 3311 W. Clearwater in Kennewick. Call first to find out if they accept used items.

  • 7

    Salvation Army

    The church runs a thrift store, but they can also help with direct donations. Regional office is at 310 N. 4th Avenue in Pasco.

  • 8

    Tri-Cities Pregnancy Network

  • 9

    New Beginnings

    At 1016 Lee Blvd. in Richland, this is a thrift store but they store clothing donations intended for local shelters. Just tell them you want it offered to the shelters first when you donate.