Admit it, you've peaked around to see who's watching; you just couldn't hold it anymore - and you peed in public. It was everything you needed it to pee and more. We've all done it. I for one, have never been caught. I'll help you keep your streaming streak going.

We've compiled a list of the best places to let one go.

Bateman Island - Ah, the tranquility.

On Top of the World by Badger Mountain in Richland - Have you ever wanted to pee over a cliff? You can here, and after 11PM in Richland, the cops aren't even patrolling this area.

Under the Blue Bridge on the Pasco Riverfront - I do this all the time, once it's dark, nobody can see you.

Alleyways on Kennewick Ave.

Fields behind the Toyota Center in Kennewick

Port of Pasco

My backyard - Ah, where it began. Feel free to join me if you like.

Andrew Kirk