I grew up in north Washington near mountains where it snows A LOT more than it does in the Mid Columbia. My dad is a mailman and drives in the snow for a living. For years all he would buy were studded snow tires. You get great traction but they're very noisy and hard on roads.

Then we found Bridgestone Blizzak tires. They are studless snow tires that work like studs, only better on ice. They have unique tread patterns that really allow the tires to grab in snow and ice better than any tire I've driven on.

I haven't bought any other snow tires in over 15 years. That's only because the last 15 years have been the only time I could afford them. They are expensive. It's near $1,000 for my car and I'm getting a deal -- but I usually use them for multiple seasons and how much does a fender bender cost? It's worth it.

For regular passenger cars, you can get them for as low as $113 (estimate).

I also love that they're quiet!

Dad drives all-wheel drive Subarus and he's tried all kinds of tires. He won't buy anything else.

This reads like a commercial, doesn't it? I've never gotten a dime from Bridgestone. Honestly, it's just the best you can buy.