People may eat more on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day except Thanksgiving. And I love how you can get away with any kind of food. A certain amount of class is expected from holiday fare -- but not sporting events. The Super Bowl is one party where you are justified in eating the food you really like. And there's no need to sit on a hard-back chair and make small talk with relatives you rarely see. Your wife won't care what you wear and it's cool to eat with your feet propped up. If you haven't yet decided what you're serving, here are our suggestions.

  • Hot Wingz

    321 Columbia Center Blvd. #A, Kennewick, 396-9965

    They've got specials for this weekend! Can't go wrong with Hot Wingz.

  • Cheese Louise

    619 The Parkway, Richland, 420-4222

    One of my favorite things about Super Bowl food is that it's simple. No one's complimenting your grandmother for her use of nutmeg and rosemary, or going on about how good dried cranberries make everything. The Super Bowl is a great time to have great cuts of meat, cheese and crackers. For the best, pick the brains of the experts at Cheese Louise.

  • Wing Stop

    121 Gage Blvd., Richland, 737-9464 6605 Burden Blvd. #F, Pasco, 545-9464

    They've got a new location in Pasco, go check it out.

  • Famous Dave’s

    8110 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick, 783-3405

    Radio Personality Stacy Lee hired Famous Dave's to cater her party one year and said it was the greatest Super Bowl Sunday of all time. I've been to birthday parties catered by Famous Dave's and it was just as good as being at the restaurant -- only with all my favorite people and I could be as loud as I wanted.

  • Panda Express

    401 N. Ely St., Kennewick, 783-23011321 N. Columbia Center Blvd., Kennewick, 783-70005104 N. Road 68, Pasco, 544-06272885 Duportail St., Richland, 628-0999

    Sometimes there's nothing better than a whole lot of Chinese food.

  • Jack-Sons Sports Bar

    99 Lee Blvd., Richland, 946-8118

    There are a lot of great wing places in Tri-Cities, and we like all of them, but here in our office we're fiercely loyal to Jack-Sons. Hands down best I've ever had.

  • Anything From Costco

    8505 W. Gage Blvd., Kennewick, 737-8861

    I've been to parties with pounds and pounds of shrimp, cheap sushi, cheese & garlic dip, cream cheese with cherry topping and excellent fruit and veggie platters -- all from Costco!

  • Taco Trucks

    Pasco Flea Market, 200 E. Lewis Pl., Pasco, 547-5035Taqueria La Suerte Taco Truck, W. Court St. & 24th Ave.Pasco Tony's Tacos, 3809 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, 735-2189El Quetzal, 1335 Lee Blvd., RichlandLa Differencia Taco Truck, W. Court St. & N. 4th Ave., Pasco, 302-1043El Cazador Taco Truck, 6411 Burden Blvd., PascoTacos Garcia Taco Truck, Oregon Ave. & E. Lewis St., PascoTacos La Differencia, Wellsian Way and Aaron Dr., RichlandSuper Taco Taco Truck, North Oregon St., PascoTaco Truck of Supermex, 720 N 20th Ave., PascoTacos El Caminante, Corner of N. 4th Ave & W. Pearl St., PascoTacos Tiscareño, 1214 N 4th Ave., PascoMr. Taco, Lewis St. between 12th & 11th Avenues, Pasco

    Everyone in our office is a big fan of taco trucks. What I like most about tacos is no two need be the same. Drown one in lime juice, poor habanero sauce over another, load a third up with pico de gallo. They're small so you can't feel guilty for having 10 or 12.

  • Pizza Hut

    1915 N. Steptoe, Kennewick, 628-2221818 W. Vineyard Dr., Kennewick, 586-88007605 W. Deschutes, Kennewick, 735-33551900 George Washington Way, Richland946-9221 1921 W. Court St., Pasco, 547-7711

    What I like best about Pizza Hut is how they've expanded their menu. Order three kinds of pizza, hot wings, pasta dishes and throw in a dessert! You'll even have enough carbs and calories stored to be ready for running a marathon the next day!

  • Subway

    2215 E. Hillsboro St., Pasco, 545-31652045 W. Court St., Pasco, 545-53027235 Burden Blvd., Pasco, 545-01354820 N. Road 68, Pasco, 545-42111824 George Washington Blvd., Richland, 943-25071323 Lee Blvd., Richland, 943-28222588 Queensgate Drive, Richland, 628-31292801 Duportail St., Richland, 628-2451612 Gage Blvd., Richland, 628-21194033 W. Van Giesen #A, W. Richland, 967-39262617 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, 586-1006813 W. Columbia Dr., Kennewick, 585-9245104 S. Washington, Kennewick, 582-62082604 S. Tweedt Court, Kennewick, 735-1082

    Got a lot of people coming? You can make everyone full and happy for very little money at Subway.