If you're tired of going to dinner and a movie, 102.7 KORD has come to the rescue! Here are a dozen awesome ideas close to home or for day trips. Most are inexpensive and full of opportunities to get to know the other person or create some chemistry.

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    Tuesday Night Couples Dance Lessons - Classic Island Casino

    8524 W. Gage Blvd. Ask for Beth 5-6 p.m. is Jitterbug and Swing. 6:30 and on is all types of Western dancing. $5 per person. This is every Tuesday except Valentine's Day.

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    This sport reminds me of Boy Scouts -- not what you'd call romantic. I'm new to the Tri-Cities, however, and half the people I meet casually throw out geocaching as a hobby. So if you haven't tried it, it's time to find someone who has to teach you in exchange for dinner and ice cream.

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    Day Trip To Leavenworth, WA

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    Wine Tasting At Any Vineyard

    Small groups do not need an appointment.

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    Couples Massage

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    Chuck E. Cheese Games Then Wine Tasting Then Dinner Then Movie At Home

    This was my co-worker's most romantic date ever. If you feel too old for Chuck E. Cheese, try any big bowling alley's arcade. The movie they watched was, "When Harry Met Sally" -- a safe classic.

    Flickr, Ed Yourdon
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    Cheese Tasting Class

    Cheese Louise at 619 The Parkway in Richland offers 5-6 classes each season and lasts about two hours. Cost varies but includes all the samples and needed materials. Classes are about pairing cheese and other fine food topics.

    Flickr, Jeffrey Boyer
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    Fly Over Tri-Cities

    Bergstrom Aircraft, Inc. does 30-minute scenic flights over the Columbia River and surrounding cities.

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    Back-yard Projector To Watch Movies, Eat Snacks At Home

    Check your local library to rent a projector.

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    Country Mercantile For Lunch, Chocolate Samples and Ride Carousel

    Country Mercantile Inc. 232 Crestloch Rd., Pasco 545-2192

    Flickr, KSmillie
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    Sushi Dinner, Sunset Hike Up Badger Mountain, Then Listening to Mandatory Metallica on 97 Rock On Way to Dairy Queen For Dessert

    Yes, this was the first date of someone in my office... and it worked. They got married.

    Flickr, Made Underground