Men + video games = women nagging! But what if you could talk her into playing the games WITH you? She probably isn't into "Call of Duty" but there are several more games she could get into. What better way to build your relationship without putting down the console!

1. Fat Princess

What girl hasn't wanted to be a princess? And who doesn't love cake? In Fat Princess you pick play on an online team attempting to rescue your princess from the enemy castle. You can play as a Villager, Worker, Priest, Ranger, Mage, or Warrior and you use cake to heal, or, more often, to make your princess fatter and harder to carry back to the enemy castle. The best part of this game is it doesn't really matter who wins, the fun is in saving your fat princess, and that is easy enough for anyone to play.

2. Little Big Planet Karting

Racing games are always going to be fun, even for not-so-advanced gaming girls. In Little Big Planet Karting you get all the fun of "Need For Speed" in a way-more cutesie version. And an added benefit is the fun of designing your own course. Start your next conversation with your lady by asking her if she wants to help you design something; I bet that will get her attention real fast.

3. Mario Party 8

Because, lets be honest, Mario Party 9 was a disgrace. In this game you have the freedom of mini games and the ease of dice controlled movement. If she's not good at one mini game, there's always another brand new one around the corner. And its still fun for you because the mini games actually promote a healthy amount of competitive spirit. It won't take long until you are swinging your Wii-remote around with reckless abandon; anything in order to win those coins.

4. Pixel Junk Monsters

This game is fun if you enjoy tower defense games. Its simple enough for your lady to learn and easy enough controls to play frustration-free. It only gets as hard as you are (or as she is) good so she won't feel overwhelmed. The best part is that it can be played co-op so you won't need to take turns.

5. Fable 2 & 3

I'm sure mostly everyone has heard of Fable. Its original version was slightly more difficult than its newer counterparts but that's what makes Fable 2 or 3 a good choice for you and your lady. You can play co-op with both yours and her personal characters. She will love that her character is her own and the fact that she can change her hair at any salon in the city. And you will love fighting all the bandits and Hollow Men. Win-win.