I got a text from someone this weekend asking the best way to rent a movie.

This person, like many Tri-Citians would just drop by Hastings and find what they were looking for on a shelf.

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But because the world is cruel, Hastings is shut down. So what's my alternative?

I actually have a few. If it's a blockbuster you want, you can make the trip to Redbox. There's one by my house, and it's a quick walk.

What if you don't live near a Redbox or don't want to leave the house?

I use Vudu (a subsidiary of Wal-Mart) and Amazon Video.

Vudu actually offers free movies with ads. There's a good selection of free movies and the ads aren't too distracting. But their selection of movies is pretty expansive. I've watched the entire Harry Potter series, for example, on Vudu. You can also import all your digital movies to Vudu. Whether it's iTunes, Movies Anywhere, or Fandango. So I use Vudu all the time. Rentals are fairly inexpensive, and you have multiple options of video quality.

I also like Amazon Prime Video. Not only is there a huge selection (like Netflix or Hulu) of free content and Amazon Originals, but they also boast a very, very big library of rentals.

If you're looking to watch the latest Disney/Marvel movies, Netflix still has a deal with Disney through the end of the year before Disney launches their own service.

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