I spotted a story on my FB feed this morning warning people to avoid this self proclaimed 'Maverick of Music Row' Country Rap Artist who's stage name is Mikel Knight.

From what I read this guy hires people to be part of his street team who then peddle his CD's in parking lots of gas stations and Wal Mart's in small towns often without proper permits. There are also several allegations by former street team members of mental and physical abuse, individuals being abandoned in small towns, and even the death of street team members in auto accidents after being overworked have been circulating for the last year. Read this article from Saving Country Music.com

Several radio stations around the country are also warning the public to avoid this group

There have been reports of Mikel Knight's so called street team showing up in Spokane and Missoula.

Here's the post that got my attention:


Stacy Lee