This afternoon I had the pleasure to talk to comedian Bill Cosby who will be at TRAC this Friday night for a one night only show. Make sure to get your tickets at or stop by the TRAC Box Office in Pasco.

If you missed the Stress Free Shut Up & Rock Drive @ 5 this afternoon then you missed one hell of an interview with THE Bill Cosby. Right from the start I got the feeling I was gonna be the one being interviewed not him. We talked about everything from settlers making their way to Washington State to food in San Francisco and Seattle to his favorite Jell-O flavor with a possible secret recipe. We went on a wild ride today with Mr. Cosby and I wouldn't of had it any other way.

"Enjoy" - Focker





Segment 1 - Interview with Bill Cosby

Segment 2 - Interview with Bill Cosby

Segment 3 - Interview with Bill Cosby

Segment 4 - Interview with Bill Cosby