Have you seen the Bing Maps car driving around Tri-Cities? I've seen it three times. What is Bing Maps? I looked it up and found out:

Bing is the world's No. 2 search engine, behind Google. So why wouldn't it try to compete with Google Maps? Apparently aerial map services bring in BILLIONS each year!
And while we were all a little disappointed with Apple's mapping system, Bing seems to be copying Google's model. Here's what's different:

Google Maps is mostly for searches. If you want to incorporate a Google Map into a presentation (other than as a simple image) you need special coding.
Bing Maps will be more business friendly. It will be easier to draw up "before and after" maps useful for city planners, developers, engineers and environmental scientists.
Whereas Google Maps is just another tool for searching, Bing Maps will be a platform for creating stuff.

Sounds pretty cool!
But will it catch on?
Try it out and see for yourself: