If your Facebook friends list keeps shrinking down, and you don't know why; ask yourself a few questions.

Do you:
Send game invites?
Post lyrics as statuses?
Tag everyone you know every day?
Swear all of the time?
Post horoscopes?
Post selfies?
Post gun control pictures?
Post "bitstrips"?

What are bitstrips? Bitstrips are the little cartoons your friends post of themselves on Facebook. They are a horrible new phenomenon that people don't realize everyone hates, and are slowly gaining popularity. They were annoying the first time I ever saw one.

Seriously. NOBODY LIKES THESE. They don't even make any sense.

Nobody gets your inside jokes, and the more times we see these, the more likely we are to unfriend the next person we see posting one. They just aren't funny. I would rather you sent me game requests.

You can't convince me these are funny.