Black Label Society first discussed the idea of unplugging their instruments for a special performance last year, and Wednesday night (March 6) in Los Angeles the special semi-acoustic taping finally came to fruition. Zakk Wylde and crew let the cameras and audio equipment roll during the performance at Los Angeles' Club Nokia for what will eventually be a new CD/DVD release called 'Unblackened.' reports that Wylde dug deep into his history with Pride & Glory's 'Losin' Your Mind' leading off the night, followed by the title track from Black Label Society's 'The Blessed Hellride' album. The night's setlist proved to be a treat for followers of Wylde's entire catalog, as it wasn't just hit after hit in stripped back form.

There were past Black Label Society singles that got the special treatment like 'House of Doom,' 'In This River' and the night's closer, 'Stillborn,' but they fit equally alongside such interesting performances as the acoustic instrumental 'Takillya (Estaybon)' and 'I Thank You Child.'

With the performance now out of the way, Wylde and co. will set their sights on compiling what will eventually be the 'Unblackened' CD and DVD releases. Stay tuned for details.

Black Label Society 'Unblackened' Setlist, Los Angeles' Club Nokia 3/6/13

'Losin' Your Mind'
'The Blessed Hellride'
'Sold My Soul'
'Road Back Home'
'Spoke in the Wheel'
'House of Doom'
'Queen of Sorrow'
'Machine Gun Man'
'Sweet Jesus'
'In This River'
'Throwin' It All Away'
'Takillya (Estaybon)'
'Won't Find It Here'
'I Thank You Child'

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