How do you know that you’re part of a subculture that most people don’t ‘get’? One clue may be that the subculture is parodied in a commercial. We do need to give credit where it’s due, however, because FedEx just premiered a pretty entertaining ad where a black metal band needs to find a way to ship their golf clubs.

Created by New York City-based ad agency BBDO, the FedEx commercial depicts a neurotic manager who is obsessed with retaining his clients’ status as “the most dangerous band in the world.” Apparently playing golf seriously diminishes your metal cred (sorry, Alice Cooper) so naturally, the band manager suggests that FedEx can solve the conundrum.

BBDO strived to create a KISS / Slipknot / Motorhead hybrid with the ad, but they basically ended up making a black metal band instead. Decked out with corpse paint, face tattoos, masks, skull-stomping boots and all-black garb, the ad is destined to attract attention from potential customers. The manager of the fictional band, which we like to call ‘FedExcrement,’ further instructs the musicians to “learn how to trash a hotel room,” before smashing a flower vase. Needless to say, one of the masked musicians saves the plants from a shrivelly death.

The commercial is pretty cool, but unfortunately nowhere near the coolness level of the History Channel’s ‘Dark Ages‘ ad featuring brutal death metal band Suffocation performing ‘Bind, Torture, Kill.’

Watch the FedEx Black Metal Band Commercial

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