What is Black Rock Coffee Bar's "Give Back Days"?

"Give Back Days" is exactly what it sounds like; the coffee chain is raising money to help out the community. So you can enjoy a guilt-free cup of coffee, knowing that you're helping out a good cause.

Where Does the Money Go from Black Rock Coffee Bar's "Give Back Days"?

Black Rock Coffee Bar is raising money for high-schools in the Tri-Cities, which can put the funds to good use, in whatever areas they may be lacking.

How Much of My Coffee Purchase Goes to Tri-Cities High Schools?

Order a $2.00 cup of coffee from Black Rock Coffee Bar, during "Give Back Days", and 100% of the profits will go to Tri-Cities High Schools in Pasco, Kennewick and Richland.

When are Black Rock Coffee Bar's "Give Back Days"?

Give Back Days are May 20th (Pasco), May 27th (Kennewick). And Give Back Days were May 13th for Richland, so they're set.

Where is Black Rock Coffee Bar Located?

In Pasco

In Kennewick

In Richland

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