Blink-182 and rapper Lil' Wayne's co-headlining tour this past summer was one of the most interesting lineups of 2019, but it was almost cut short when Lil' Wayne walked off stage one night. A month following the end of the tour, Blink-182 have come forward with Lil' Wayne's reasoning, which was fear the crowds didn't like him.

Only a few weeks into the eclectic tour, the rapper told the crowd in Bristow, Va. that that night might be his last on the run, and then cut his performance short. The next day on Twitter, he took back what he said and confirmed he would be finishing out the dates, since he was having "too much fun."

Drummer Travis Barker recalled the night in Bristow to KROQ, and explained why Lil' Wayne almost felt the need to drop out of the tour. "The one day where he walked offstage, he had said, ‘I just felt like they didn’t like me,’ so he walked offstage… ‘I didn’t want to put them through it. I just wanted you guys to be able to get on and do your thing.’”

Frontman Mark Hoppus praised the rapper and how awesome the tour was overall. "He was awesome, his band was amazing, his whole crew, everybody. It was so fun all summer long," he said.

Watch the full interview below.

Despite their musical differences, the tour went on successfully, and the members of Blink-182 even surprised Lil' Wayne onstage with a blunt for his birthday toward the end of the run. Talk about ending a tour on a good note!

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