Spokane is abuzz about a prosecuting attorney who allegedly aided a felon she appears to have been dating. We don't have access to a photo of the lawyer (Marriya Wright), but an Internet search will reveal her bikini shots from a body-building competition. While the world is asking of Wright "WHY?" we tip our hats to the dude, Matthew Baumrucker.

Just to clarify, it's not fact that they were dating. She allegedly gave him one of her bikini photos while he was in jail. She allegedly abused her status as a prosecutor to meet with him while he was in jail (his case was not hers). She appears to have given him rides while he was on the run from police. The two exchanged 1,300 text messages! That is how investigators drew a connection between the two.

But if this story wasn't juicy enough, because she's only under investigation she's on paid leave. That means she's collecting $6,000-$7,000 a month to sit at home while the world goes nuts over her story!

Wright's record is otherwise clean. She was good at her job, liked and respected.

Well done Baumrucker, well done.

I smell a book deal.