A boat flew off its trailer on I-90 and joined the traffic near Seattle.

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X @wspd2pio
X @wspd2pio

Washington State I-90: Boat Attempts Getaway from Trailer

A small boat flew off its trailer this morning driving down I-90 just after 11 am. The smaller white open-bow craft was seen sitting on the edge of the highway after flying off its trailer. The Washington State Patrol posted pictures of the incident on their official X page for District 2 showing both the empty trailer and the white watercraft sitting next to an I-90 guard rail. Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson joked that the "Boat decided to leave the trailer" and for nearby drivers to use caution until they tow the boat away. Obviously, the reason the boat decided to leave the trailer is because the owner did not secure the boat before heading onto the highway, not because it decided to. Boat trailers have a wench hook in the front and also straps should be attached to either side on the back or stern of the boat. Learn more about how to safely tow your boat so this doesn't happen to you at Boatus.org.

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