Pablo Dylan has a lot to live up to being not only the nephew of Jakob, but the grandson of Bob. But he has chosen a different musical path to wander down. Pablo is a rapper, and a dedicated one at that.

"I've made music for 16 hours a day for the last three years," he told Rolling Stone. "It's literally my life." At age 19, he is in the midst of preparing his full length debut album which is set for release in early 2015. The track 'Midnight' has just been released as a teaser. You can hear it below.

His previous recorded effort was a mixtape titled '10 Minutes' which he made in 2011. The aspiring rapper uploaded it to SoundCloud; it eventually found its way to an estimate 500,000 listeners. "When you're 15 years old and you want to do a mixtape, that's a great thing," he said, "But normally, you'd put it out and 50 people listen to it, not 500,000."

He cites the Clash and Eminem as inspirations for his musical direction, but is quick to tip his hat to his eternally famous grandfather. "He's given me a lot of advice. I love to have him in my corner because he cares about me and I care about him. He's the first person to say, 'Oh Pablo, you're doing well.' 'Thanks, Grandpa. It means the world,'" adding, "There's not an individual I love more."