A hiker in the hills above the Yakima River found the body of an Oregon man police have been searching for.

A 19-year-old Outlook man had been arrested for the murder after the Oregon man's car was found in February with his own blood splattered inside. But the body was nowhere to be found.
The hiker spotted it in a ravine north of Zillah and DNA confirmed it was the lost man's. Police say they can return it to the family for burial and closure. It will also aid in the prosecution of the Outlook man currently charged with the crime.

It would be interesting to be a juror on the case, however, since the killing appears to have been motivated by the Oregon man sleeping with the Outlook man's 13-year-old relative. A statutory rape charge was pending before he was killed.

The Outlook man was suspected because he had lured the Oregon man to Yakima County to sell a car.