On the latest episode of Workaholics called 'Tru Dromance', the main characters are forced to get a new pot dealer. After doing a Google search, it turned out that the woman playing their new 'ruthless' drug dealer was Rumer Willis, the 23 year old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. The same night that I found that random tidbit, I saw that another one of their daughters, 20 year old Scout Willis, was arrested in New York for underage drinking.

Scout actually provided a false ID and eventually told the police who she really was. She was charged with criminal impersonation and violating New York's open container law, which are both misdemeanors, and was released on bail Tuesday morning.

Rumer and Scout, not only share the commonality of really weird names and their dad's face (seriously, if you shaved their heads they would look like triplets), but both are aspiring singers. Ya know, because that's what we need more of...overly privileged American youth trying to become popular musicians.