We continue our string of Bullet for My Valentine exclusive previews with another look into the band's upcoming 2013 album, 'Temper Temper.' With this installment, Bullet for My Valentine showcase the screams found within the new album, along with an added bit of recording footage.

In the past two weeks, we've teamed with Bullet to release a preview of the solos from the Welch act's fourth studio album, along with the riffs that will be unleashed as the record drops on Feb. 12. In this edition of the band's 'Temper Temper' previews, the band highlights the disc's screams, which have acted as a cornerstone throughout Bullet for My Valentine's career.

If you're a fan of Bullet for My Valentine, you're certainly familiar with the wailing hollers harnessed by the group, and in this sneak preview the screams prove to be firmly in tact. Listen to the screams in the player below, and check back with Loudwire next week to catch a preview of the choruses off 'Temper Temper.'

To pre-order Bullet for My Valentine's 'Temper Temper' album, head over to iTunes to reserve your copy. The band will be invading North America for the upcoming HardDrive Live Tour soon, with Halestorm and Young Guns also on the bill.

Watch Bullet for My Valentine's 'Temper Temper' Screams Preview


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