East Buno Road in Oakland County, Michigan, is a countryside dirt road, approximately three-1/2 miles southeast of Milford and 4 miles northwest of Wixom.

The story chronicling the crimes appeared in both the New York Times and Detroit Free Press.

The unmasking of Leslie Allen Williams as a mild-mannered serial killer has confirmed the nightmares of three families, shocked crime-hardened metro Detroiters....

Williams, 38, is a haunted man who stalked girls, walked through cemeteries talking to tombstones and visited his victims' crudely dug graves for months after killing them....

Williams is serving multiple life sentences for his crimes. The TV series the Lake Erie Murders chronicled the crimes as reported by Monsters and Critics:

The perpetrator was long-time criminal Leslie Allen Williams, and he was on a serial killing rampage.

September 1991 sisters Michelle and Melissa Urbin, who were 14 and 16 years old, were walking on a quiet rural road northwest of Detroit when they were raped and murdered. A third victim, 18-year-old Kami Marie Villaneuva, also vanished around that time.

According to the producers of the YouTube webseries, Afterlife Road:

His inhumane crimes included the abduction, rape, and killing of teenage girls in Oakland County, Michigan. He is said to have dumped at least one of his victims along the now supposedly "haunted" East Buno Road and Child's Lake in Milford Township.

The investigation, however, turned up little in the way of evidence of paranormal activity.

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