We've seen numerous fast food employees performing disgusting acts in their restaurants, but should the company or the employee take the flak over those poor choices?

A photo has been circulating on Facebook that allegedly shows the Burger King in Ephrata, WA with a sign out front that reads 'Now Hiring Must Be Mexican'. A 'joke' that some find offensive, others find hilarious, and one that I'm sure the company doesn't want to see at all.

According to the comments on the photo, the message was put up by a disgruntled employee who actually quit shortly after the incident. Also to be noted, it was only up long enough to snap the photo and then changed almost immediately. It's not an excuse by any means, but it also isn't a reason that this business should take heat from the community.

Other comments on the photo were quick to judge saying 'BK should be ashamed' and 'what if the word 'mexican' was replaced with a different ethnicity?'. Those comments aren't necessarily invalid, but this wasn't the business' idea. It was just a now former employee with a lapse of judgment.

There will always be the one knucklehead that does something stupid. Let's just remember to not be so quick to point the finger and place the blame.

UPDATE: After this story wsa picked up by some national news outlets, Burger King began responding to questions on their Facebook page. Here is there official statement on the matter:

We are aware of this image. The sign in question was posted briefly last summer, without approval, at a franchisee-owned and operated restaurant. Please know the franchisee has informed us that the employee who posted and photographed this sign was immediately terminated as a result. The Burger King® team is dedicated to diversity and inclusion.