Employees at a Kennewick Starbucks insist Caitlyn Jenner was in town today.


She supposedly told the people giving her coffee she was driving through town on her way to visit her mother.

Esther Jenner lives in Kamiah, Idaho, outside of Lewiston (see map below).

So while the story is plausible, if you study the map below, it's hard to believe Caitlyn would drive through Kennewick when she could more easily fly to Boise or Missoula. If she had to be in Seattle, and rented a car, it's possible.

And are the coffee baristas being serious? They showed us a photo, but the photo isn't 100% convincing. I'd show it to you, but if it's just some lovely local woman who looks like Caitlyn and we shared it, that attractive woman may feel like we're saying she looks like a man. So even though we have "proof" it still isn't convincing.

So at this point we're looking for more proof. If you saw Caitlyn Jenner in Tri-Cities (or anywhere in the Mid Columbia today), be sure to tell us!