This week, an Australian man proved his devotion to the gaming world by setting a new world record, playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II for more than 135 straight hours.

Okan Kaya, the sales manager of an electronics company, played the recently released game for seven straight days. Under Guinness Book of World Record rules, players are allowed one ten-minute break every hour and can accumulate any break time they don’t use. So Kaya skipped several of his breaks, allowing him to bank that time and actually get a few hours of sleep during the ordeal. Kaya was monitored by Guinness officials at all times.

Kaya’s official time was 135 hours, 50 minutes, which shattered the previous record of 120 hours and seven minutes. By the end of his marathon session, Kaya was ranked 37th in the world on the Black Ops II leaderboard.

So Kaya gets his name in the record books and we're sure the ladies really love a guy who sits and plays video games for a week straight. The real upside here is that he didn’t die, a fate which recently befell a gamer in Taiwan after 40 hours of Diablo III.

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