Considered one of the best Italian Restaurants in the Tri-Cities, Carmine's Italian Restaurant is closing their doors for good this December.

The popular eatery Carmine's is closing the doors in December as it's owners are retiring after a fantastic run of success in the Columbia Basin. The owners posted this farewell statement on their Facebook page


To all our wonderful Carmine’s friends who have become part of our family, we have come to the point where we feel it is time to retire. Carmine is already 82 and I will be 80 in June. It has been a fantastic 11 ½ years, however, we are ready to slow down and spend more time with the kids, grandchildren and great grands.

We started out in 2008 at #3 in the TriCity Herald yearly contest. We moved up to #2 a few years ago and reached #1 this year.

What better time to step out of the race than when you reach the top. After Saturday night dinner on December 21, we will be closing our doors. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your many years of support. We certainly will miss the hustle and bustle, but we have reached this decision together with our children and grandchildren who have from time to time worked so hard alongside us over the years.

Please come join us for dinner during November and December so we can personally thank you for all the good times spent sharing our life history with the Tri-Cities and beyond.

The final day will be December 21st so make sure you make reservations one last time in November and December to say good-bye to this popular eatery and congratulations on retiring and enjoying the little things in life. You can check out more details on Carmine's Facebook page here.

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