Have you been privy to the term "CAT-chelors" yet?  It means bachelors who get a cat, because they think it takes pressure off them having to find a girlfriend.

"Well I make the pussy purr with the stroke of my hand." - Ted Nugent  "Cat Scratch Fever"

25% of single guys with cats (1 out of 4) think it makes them come across as a more loving person...and one in six claim their cat has actually helped them land more dates.

Is this like the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady? Or is there a method to the pussy galore madness?

"Kitty on my foot and I want to touch it." - The Presidents of the United States of America  "Kitty"

A new study found more and more single guys are getting cats, because they feel like it reduces the ball-busting of friends and family to find a partner.

One in four cat-chelors said having a cat makes it easier to be single.

29% said they like having a cat around, because they're "good to talk to."

"What's new pussycat? Whoa. Pussycat, pussycat I love you, yes I do" - Tom Jones "What's New Pussycat?"

And 1 in 10 said their cat has even helped get them through a bad break-up.Here are four more stats from the survey . . .

  1. 50% of cat-owning single men said their cat helps keep them calm.
  2. One in four think their cat makes them come across as a more loving person.
  3. One in five single men overall think owning a cat would have a positive effect on their romantic life.
  4. And one in six cat-chelors claim it HAS helped them land more dates.

Yes, apparently the pussy helps with the pussy.

There. I said it.

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