A few weeks ago I did a blog talking about the first movie that made me cry, which was E.T. After the blog, there was a place for you to tell me the movie that first made you cry and I got some interesting answers.

First, the overwhelming most popular response was "Old Yeller." Honestly, I had forgot about that movie and I might have cried, except the first time I watched that was in the 5th grade in class. A 5th grader does not cry in class unless they want to be teased the rest of their life, right?

Another popular movie answer was "The Notebook," which I found a little strange. Sure it is a sad movie, but unless you are 5, that should not have been the first movie that made you cry.

"Bambi" and "Titanic" were also mentioned a lot, but I don't think I ever cried watching either of those movies. Good answers, though.