I used to live by the Bypass Highway in Richland and loved going to the Chicken Shack in nearby West Richland. I only went a handful of times but really enjoyed each visit. I bought a house in Kennewick two years ago and just didn't find myself wanting to drive all the way to West Richland for some chicken. Look, the chicken is good but is it drive for 21 minutes good? Definitely, but I am the human personification of a sloth.

So, what does a person do when they really want some chicken but they don't want to put their sweatpants and flip-flops on? They order it on an app like Uber Eats or DoorDash. But, people who have ordered a pizza for delivery will be the first to tell you that all the additional fees and tips for getting that food to your door start to add up until a $10 pizza has become a $20 pizza.

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Well, Chicken Shack is opening their third location in the Tri-Cities area and will be able to serve other like-minded frugal but lazy food enthusiasts.

Barley's BrewHub was a local favorite, and it's incredibly sad that they closed down. The silver lining is that instead of a national chain moving into that vacant space, another local business is expanding to that location.

Chicken Shack III is expected to be open to serve Kennewick residents and those who run their errands in Kennewick. If you never were able to eat at Barley's, that location is on W. Kennewick Ave, just down the street from Casa Mia.

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