A small bit of magic happened yesterday on social media. A lost dinosaur was discovered on I-90 near Snoqualmie Pass, no doubt wondering where their person had gone to.

We think of dinosaurs as big, scaly and scary, but when they're stuffed animal dinosaurs, they have tender little hearts that match their size. Luckily, the human that found this little dino had a big heart, and wanted to help.

So they contacted the Washington State Department of Transportation. And why not? Agencies dealing with wildlife don't really have experience with dinosaurs, especially the kind who only spring to life in the presence of a child's imagination. WSDOT was up for the challenge, and got the word out that a fuzzy baby dinosaur was looking for their  small human friend.

WSDOT Calls on Social Media to Help Reunite Child with Dinosaur

WSDOT Gets a Lead on Lost Dinosaur Owner from Social Media

About 2 hours later, things were looking up for the dinosaur, who never lost hope, and never stopped smiling. People who didn't even know the child, or the dinosaur, were invested in reuniting the two. Everyone who heard the story wanted to help.

Dino A
Dino B

We All Love Good News

We all appreciate good news, and the drama that was unfolding in real-time, with no villains, just a lost toy and a precious child, had everyone clinging to the hope of a happy ending. But even if the effort failed, it had already brought smiles and heart swells to lots of people who needed to know that there are still good people doing good things in the world. And no good deed is too small. When it's for someone else, it can mean a great deal. Acts of kindness make the helpers feel good, too.

WSDOT Helps Missing Dinosaur Find Child

The child, Kameron, was indeed located after just 3 hours, and will soon be reunited with the soft, fuzzy-horned dinosaur.

Happy Ending for Lost Dinosaur and Their Human

In just a few hours time, we get the happy ending we wanted, thanks to the power of people working together for a single cause.

Dino C
Dino D
Dino E

As our lost dino tale winds to a close, allow me to paraphrase Mister Rogers: Be the helper. People are looking for you. A few stuffed animals may be looking for you, too.

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