Everyone I talk to wants to go to the movies. Almost none of them would go right now, because of the pandemic. In the face of the coronavirus, which seems particularly contagious to people who spend long periods of times indoors, it seems like a risk that is not worth taking at the moment.

I understand and share all of those feelings, and even as I remain frustrated with the safety measures (or lack thereof) being offered by many movie theaters during this time, I keep waiting and hoping for a way to return to theaters sooner rather than later. Here is one, although it’s only available at present in 15 locations around the country: Cinemark is offering the chance to rent out a theater for a “Private Watch Party” for $99 (the fine print says “prices vary by location, from $99 to $125”).

That price gets you an auditorium entirely to yourself for up to 20 guests. You get discounted prices at the concession stand and can watch any of 18 movies listed on their site, including Raiders of the Lost ArkGhostbustersMean Girls, Back to the FutureHarry PotterJurassic Park, Zootopia, and The Empire Strikes Back. 

The only major catch is the deal is only offered as of this writing at the following Cinemark locations:

Colorado Springs - Cinemark Tinseltown USA and XD

Manchester - Cinemark Buckland Hills 18 + IMAX

Orlando - Universal Cinemark at CityWalk

North Canton - Cinemark Tinseltown USA and XD

Moosic - Cinemark 20 and XD

Corpus Christi - Century 16 XD and IMAX
Dallas - Cinemark Webb Chapel 17 and IMAX
El Paso - Cinemark 20 and XD
Katy - Cinemark 19 and XD
McKinney - Cinemark North McKinney and XD
Plano - Cinemark West Plano and XD
Plano - Cinemark Legacy and XD
Pflugerville - Cinemark 20 and XD
Webster - Cinemark 18 and XD

West Jordan - Cinemark 24 Jordan Landing and XD

$100 isn’t exactly “cheap,” but it’s a pretty good deal for a private theater rental, and if a large family or two team up, it would be a lot cheaper than full price tickets. (Admittedly, these movies are all available at much lower cost for home streaming or rental.) Since everyone knows each other, there’s no worries about sitting next to strangers or people not following social distancing rules. Again, this isn’t a perfect solution. But I’ll be honest: I’m already trying to figure out if I can get to that theater in Connecticut and do this. You can find more information about the Private Watch Parties at Cinemark’s official website.

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