Pasco firefighters, or hosedraggers as they are affectionately labeled by the Pasco Police Department, are getting some sweet new digs.

The City of Pasco has awarded a $4.7 million dollar bid to Chervenell Construction of Kennewick for the construction of the new Fire Station No. 83.

The new fire station, to be located near the water towers off Road 76, will decrease response times to the vast majority of residents and business within the Station No. 83 response area, enhance the safety of the crews stationed at the facility, and allow for fire and emergency medical response to a large portion of the Broadmoor area within the accepted response time.

The current aging and undersized Fire Station No. 83 on Road 68 south of I-182 will be repurposed for other City use, such as Public Works operations.

Pasco Fire Chief Bob Gear said the new station will be health focused and will have air locks from the garage to where the firefighters live to prevent any air contamination and any long-term health problems.

If approved in May by city council, the Pasco Fire department also plans to add a second fire station to Court Street and Road 48 by 2021.

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