How long is it going to take, City of Richland?

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The ridiculous tagging on both canal retaining walls at the bottom of Leslie Rd where it meets Columbia Park Trail is STILL there. Why?

I first noticed it in late October last year, I don't know when it first appeared.

I get it.

We had the worst winter in a generation and there was so much snow you couldn't even see it for a couple of months.

But come on. I take pride in our communities, for the most part, acting swiftly to show idiot behavior will not be tolerated.

Lack of action to quickly cover it up, whether it looks smooth or not,  just empowers those who would do this.

Props to the peeps, whoever you are, who cleaned up the sound barrier, north side of Highway 395 headed south up the ramp before Yelm Street.

The entire Cable Bridge is graffiti free now, concrete dividers, support poles, and road signs.

The outdoor billboards easily seen as Highway 240 merges into Highway 395 to go North over the Blue Bridge for the three lawyers and credit union has been re-done.

Blue Bridge signs, trusses and markers are cleaned up.

Yet this bul!* still stands?

Curt Cartier Town Square Media All Rights Reserved Copyright 2017 Deliver Us From Evil

C'mon Richland.

Sweet Mother of God, what is the holdup?

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